I Miss Us

Jun 17, 2011 by

Tonight, my husband is in China, my oldest son is in Tucson, my youngest son is in Chicago, and I am in Seattle.  Tonight, my oldest son sent a text, in anticipation of our reunion in July, to his aforementioned family that is spread all over this world saying, “I miss us.”  In July, we will all be together, gathered from the four corners, in each other’s company . . . just like old times.  It will be precious and appreciated.  It will be tangible and material.  I will lay hands upon my children, lips too.

Life.  Life can take us in so many different and unexpected directions.  As recently as 2 years ago I could not have anticipated my family, the one I prize so, being so scattered, shotgun across the U.S.  Yet, that is how and where we find ourselves because of jobs, opportunity and education. . . scattered.  Well, maybe scattered in the physical sense, but we remain absolutely joined at the heart.  Distance be damned.

It’s nice to picture my relationship with God in that light, that no matter where I am, or where He is, we are still joined, connected, at the heart.

I hope that you know that you are connected too.  I hope you know that wherever you are, whatever you’ve done, that God understands and loves you completely, just ’cause you’re family, and connected at the heart.


Peace and Blessings,


Nicole Y. Walters


(P.S. I can’t wait to see my boys in July . . . Lord willing.)

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