When The Fog Rolls In . . .

Sep 1, 2011 by

This morning while having my first cup of coffee, I watched the fog roll in and slather a haze over what began as a sunny morning in Seattle. From the west, billows of misty gray cloaked the now phantom buildings that, if I hadn’t already seen them in the sunlight, I wouldn’t even know existed in the fog. Fog rolls in sometimes, distorting everything – even the things about which we are quite sure, like the high rise buildings next to our own.

It’s funny though, the sun still shines behind the fog. In fact, sometimes its radiating light takes on a broader, more expansive glow, dancing in the thin mists of water around it. In the right light, everything, even low hanging clouds, can take the sheen of the sun.

There is a bit of fogginess in my life right now as I still feel like a stranger in this new city, as I look – aimlessly sometimes – for a job, as I sift through my dreams and wonder which to still pursue and which to dream no more. Foggy. But, the sun still shines, in conversations with friends and family that remind me of my many, many blessings, in the songs that spring from my heart, in the food that fills my belly, in the quiet time I spend before my God, in the love I make with my husband.

I know that when my life’s weather clears, my pathways will, yet again, be as obvious as high rises next door. In the meantime, I’m looking for just the right light to see the sun shine upon the low hanging clouds.

Peace and Blessings,

Nicole Walters

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