The kingdom of God is like a lost bra

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The kingdom of God is like a lost bra

I lost my favorite bra on Friday night.  (I’ve either lost any male readers or have riveted them.)  Before you get all carried away, it’s not nearly as salacious as it sounds.  I mean it’s not like when, well, it’s not like . . . um, never mind.  See, I was getting dressed for an evening out and, because of the dress I chose to wear, didn’t need to don a bra so I tossed it aside, somewhere,  and proceeded to engage in the flurry of make up, perfume and primping before rushing out of the door.

I didn’t begin missing my beloved bra until I went to get dressed after my shower Saturday morning and, yeah, no bra.  It was kind of a big deal.  Sure, I have other, lesser bras, but this said bra is my absolute favorite.  It’s just the right amount of sexy and function.  Black, with just a few lace accents, it supports and fits perfectly in the way a bra should fit if purchased at Nordstrom, the bra-fitting experts.  There’s no riding up the back, and the girls are comfortable and stand at attention . . . if you know what I mean.

Frustrated after having looked every possible place I might hide if I were, myself, a bra, I grabbed one of my standbys and got dressed for the day.  Five minutes later, I looked for my bra in a renewed frenzy, spurred on by the discomfort of the one I was presently wearing.  Shit!

Sunday arrived and with it, no luck at finding the lost bra even though I searched for it with the commitment of the woman in Jesus’ parable of the lost coin.  I shuffled things stored under our bed.  I rummaged through our dirty clothes, shaking each garment like a wet dog coming out of the bath.  I threw clothes out of drawers and, angrily, tossed them back in.  I looked in an empty washer and dryer.  I even looked in the pantry . . . I mean . . . at this point, what the hell?  No bra.  Again, I put on a lesser bra and the bad attitude to go with it.

This morning I woke early to go to an appointment.  After my shower, I whispered what I thought would be a futile prayer, “God, where’s my stupid bra?  Will you help me find it?  Dang!”  Opening the dirty clothes hamper to toss in my towel, I spotted some black lace tangled up in a robe.  I know that I know that I know I’d looked in there before.  A chuckle.

The kingdom of God is like . . . you fill in the blanks. I guess I just wanted to encourage you to keep searching for it in your own lives.  You know you’ve found it when it’s supportive, is the right balance of things that are important for you, nothing else will do, and it presents your best self before your very own mirror.

Peace and Blessings,

Nicole Walters

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