A Birthday Wish

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A Birthday Wish

I’ve had the pleasure of spending the past several days beneath the sunny skies of Cancun. I’ve enjoyed the beach and the breeze with three of my favorite people, my husband, obviously, included. He and I have woken early each morning, to catch the first breezes of the day and walk the shore. We call those moments, whether on vacation or back at home in Seattle, our “walk / talks”. I like . . . no, I LOVE our walk/talks.  As our thoughts turn from those we love to situations that concern or challenge us to our dreams and hopes for our futures, our time – step by step – becomes a moving meditation, prayer in motion.

Yesterday, my birthday eve, Marc and I walked Cancun’s shoreline, enjoying the expansive and picturesque view. We talked about our boys, each attempting to dive further into their own lives and become more of themselves as we watch and pray with baited breath for their success. Bringing them into the conversation brought them into our experience . . . on a beach . . . far away from them. I love how that happens.

We talked about how much we’ve appreciated our first vacation together with another couple. We expressed our love for Rob and Lisa, and our delightful wonder at finding the two people who found each other with whom we have so much in common and enjoy such an easy friendship. That was cool.

We talked about our sex life, which is fun to do wearing little more than a swimsuit and feeling flirty and pretty and like a girl. That’s all the detail I’ll share on that.

We neared the end of our walk, and as we strode back, we approached a couple, a much older one, in front of us who were on their own walk / talk. While I couldn’t hear what they were saying, I watched her hands move, animated, as she gestured freely. His hands stayed laced behind his back as he listened. I chuckled at the more mature version of us. I wondered how many years they shared together, and how many promises made, challenges overcome, and graces extended in their passing . . . and then I noticed their footprints in the sand.

I know nothing about their journey except that, in that moment . . . older and wiser than the two following them . . . this couple walked it together, leaving a temporary path for others to follow.

Today is my birthday. I am 43. In my 20s, that felt so old, but from this vantage point, I experience it quite differently. There is still so much more, God willing, to discover, explore and experience in life ahead.

My birthday wish is this: that no matter what my future years bring –  highs and lows, ups and downs, and life in all of its splendor –  I’ll walk the journey before me joyful, determined and expectant of God’s goodness.  I’ll do so that should others follow in my footprints, they would be likewise blessed.  I’ll try.  I’ll succeed.  I’ll fail.  And then I’ll try again.

Happy birthday to me.

Peace and Blessings,


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