What Say You, People?

Jan 10, 2013 by

What Say You, People?

Hey friends!

In need your help. Don’t worry, it’s not painful. Promise.

I’ve narrowed the picture I’ll use for the book cover of my debut novel, Charis: Journey to Pandora’s Jar (published soon by Booktrope), down to two favorite possibilities. Can you weigh in and help me choose which one to use?

Here we go.

Option 1:

Photo shoot, 1

Photo shoot, 1

Option 2:

Photo shoot 2

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  1. Lisa

    2, definitely!

  2. Bellinda Ledesma

    I feel option 1. You have that look of “you have no idea of what is going on in my mind” that look of a mystery smile. Great as you want to give that impression of guess what’s coming next.

  3. Jackie

    Option 1 🙂

  4. Nicole

    Option 1 is “traditional” so NOT you.

  5. Stephanie Pollard

    Option 1 is perfect!

  6. Melanie Young

    Option 1.

  7. alfred

    Number 1

  8. One is a winner.

  9. One is a winner!

  10. Kaity-Kait

    Option 2. Definitely. Because I can’t picture you without seeing you smile or hearing you laugh in my head!

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