Just Do It

Apr 2, 2013 by

Just Do It

Today is writing group at work. I, amazingly, have nothing to say. Further, after sitting here staring off into space for an idea that floats just beyond my vision, sifting through pictures of family and friends smiling back up at me from my iPhone while I look for missing inspiration, and perusing a variety of writing blogs searching for writing prompts that will prompt me to write a moment of literary greatness, I now have very little time left to write the nothing I have to write about.



So it is with writing sometimes. There are days that ideas flow freely and my only obligation is to become the empty vessel to gather them into and then pour them out of. Then, there are days like today when I my mind is a blank page, and instead of that feeling like an invitation to create new worlds, characters, thoughts, or experiences, it feels like an abyss of doubts that if I stare into long enough I just might be led to believe I’ll never have another creative thought again.

But here I sit, oddly enough, writing.

Strange that …

Peace and Blessings,

Nicole Walters

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