Random, Awesome Stuff

Jun 3, 2015 by

Random, Awesome Stuff

I saw this on my walk today:

Random guy doing awesome stuff.

Random guy doing awesome stuff.

It was some random guy doing awesome stuff.

He didn’t know I was watching. He was blissfully unaware that he had an audience comprised of my dog and me and my iPhone. He was just doing some random, awesome stuff. He was all planking and push-uping, and planking again, just because he could, and just because it was awesome, and just because Lake Washington was the exact and perfect place to be random and awesome and just because he said so.

Today, this nameless, faceless, random, and  awesome dude was my hero. Today, this balding guy was my permission slip to be random and awesome simply because those things are really cool to be. No one has to know. No one has to see. No one has to approve. No one has to applaud. Just be random and awesome because you want to be. Because that’s reward enough. Plus nothing else. This guy, with all of his random awesomeness, threw down the gauntlet at my feet. At yours. Will you be randomly awesome? Will you?

Why yes. Sure.

Game on!

Peace and Blessings,

Nicole Y. Walters



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