Jun 10, 2013 by

I’m not a green thumb … not by any means.  In spite of that, I do care for a couple of house plants who are presently living and thriving in our home, almost in defiance of my historic inadequacies.  We won’t even talk about outdoor plants, so filled with creepy crawly things that unless they water, prune, and fertilize themselves stand little to no chance of survival in my backyard or on my balcony.  And yet, I love plants. They liven an environment and contribute elements of vitality in rooms otherwise filled with inanimate and purely functional things. I recently purchased a plant, the name or kind of which I do not know having chosen it a Home Depot because its label read something like ” needs shade.” That’s important in a place like...

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Remembering Well A Love Lost

Apr 14, 2013 by

“Take from me all that You please for all I have You have graciously given.  Strength and health my gifts and wealth all  Yours to spend for as long as I’m living.” Nicole Walters, Yours to Spend The evening was nothing but pleasant.  It was only seldom that Ryan got to extract himself from the rigors of college football to come home and share a meal, talk, and just be.  As usual, when he twisted the door open, our dog Jack was the first to meet him, wagging so hard he could hardly keep his balance on his four legs.   Over dinner, we talked about how practices were going, what was going on with his team mates and about his high school sweetheart Tara, or That Girl as we call her.  He regaled us...

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