Covering Ground

Jul 12, 2013 by

I’m not a photographer.  I’m not.  Not even using instagram and all of its fancy lenses do I get the false hope that photography might be something I’m good at.  My shortcomings in perspective, focus, scale and all of those others terms that I’m only vaguely familiar are readily apparent with a quick perusal of my photo gallery on my iPhone.  (That is a problem in and of itself, don’t you think?  That our phones also serve as our cameras?) I know real photographers, I am not one. In spite of my self-aware ineptitude, I still love taking pictures.  I always have. Admittedly, the advent of selfies has been a dream come true for a narcissist like me. While I love myself, I am not my favorite subject, my family is.  I love taking...

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Remembering Well A Love Lost

Apr 14, 2013 by

“Take from me all that You please for all I have You have graciously given.  Strength and health my gifts and wealth all  Yours to spend for as long as I’m living.” Nicole Walters, Yours to Spend The evening was nothing but pleasant.  It was only seldom that Ryan got to extract himself from the rigors of college football to come home and share a meal, talk, and just be.  As usual, when he twisted the door open, our dog Jack was the first to meet him, wagging so hard he could hardly keep his balance on his four legs.   Over dinner, we talked about how practices were going, what was going on with his team mates and about his high school sweetheart Tara, or That Girl as we call her.  He regaled us...

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Thanks Giving

Nov 21, 2012 by

As I bustled around the condo preparing for work this morning, I noticed my husband staring at his laptop, his brow knitted in worry. “What are you fretting about?” He sighed. He suddenly not only discovered that he had to attend an overnight conference immediately following the Thanksgiving holiday, but that, along with a childhood picture of himself, he needed to provide the hosts some anecdotal, pithy “fun fact” about himself to be shared too. Three of them. I couldn’t believe he was racking his brain about it. After asking him what he’d already written, I rattled off at least five additional intriguing things in five seconds. “Babe,” I rolled my eyes. “You’re one of the most interesting people I know!” That I say it and mean it after a lifetime together is more...

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Aug 13, 2012 by

Fact: Baby seagulls are gray. They are loud, fluffy and, at times, so big and near adult-size that the only thing differentiating them from adults is their color, gray. Sunday morning, at the beginning of a walk talk with my love, we came across two huge ones milling about on the rocks jutting out of the ocean. “Look,” I say, “those are baby seagulls!” “Are you sure?” Marc asks. “They don’t look ‘baby’ to me. I can’t imagine them any bigger.” “Yeah . . . I think so.” Suddenly, looking at their size and not their color, I second guess myself. Maybe I’m wrong about that. “I guess they are pretty big, though.” We continued down the waterfront trail, doing what we always do during our times together, walking and soaking in the sun....

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