Worth the Risk

Mar 5, 2013 by

I went snorkeling yesterday. Even though I was afraid, I went any way. I’m glad I did. The world just beneath the surface is a fascinating, beautiful one, full of color, life, and mystery. Snorkeling frightens me just a bit. So does horseback riding. It’s a strange relationship that I have with these two activities that I love to do, but am scared as I do them. They make me feel so out of control, so surrendered to the wildness of life, nature, animals.  Perhaps that’s the appeal. Yesterday, I saw clown fish, an eel, angelfish, some black and white polka dotty thing, a kole (I think), a bright yellow fish, a couple of fish who swam together and who, I swear, glowed orange just a little, and a deep, vast, murky sea, the...

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Under Review

Jan 16, 2013 by

I’m new to the Twitter game. As a new author, I’ve been told by everyone, how important it is to develop a Twitter following, follow others relevant to your profession, and live even more extensively online. (Seemingly impossible for an extroverted personality like me who already has such an inept and cowardly filter.) “Show your personality, Nicole. Just be you … in 140 characters.” Sigh. Since the past two weeks have found me on bed rest, nursing an angry back, I figured I’d use the time to tweet, read tweets, retweet, search other authors who tweet and follow them, and hang out with celebrities I’d never hang out with in real life. Suddenly I find my twitter feed full of other authors, book agents, publishing personalities, and —scariest of all— book reviewers. Admittedly, the...

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