Jun 10, 2013 by

I’m not a green thumb … not by any means.  In spite of that, I do care for a couple of house plants who are presently living and thriving in our home, almost in defiance of my historic inadequacies.  We won’t even talk about outdoor plants, so filled with creepy crawly things that unless they water, prune, and fertilize themselves stand little to no chance of survival in my backyard or on my balcony.  And yet, I love plants. They liven an environment and contribute elements of vitality in rooms otherwise filled with inanimate and purely functional things. I recently purchased a plant, the name or kind of which I do not know having chosen it a Home Depot because its label read something like ” needs shade.” That’s important in a place like...

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Exciting things!

May 8, 2013 by

There is much to be excited about these days! 1) My Kickstarter Project is funded. I wanted to make a book trailer and it looks like I can now!  We’re still taking contributions, so take advantage and get a signed copy of my book.  Click here! 2) My best friend and blogger has featured my story on Huffington Post! It’s so great to be among the Moms Who Are Changing the World!  Read about it here! 3) And, finally, my book is expected out this month through Booktrope Publishing.  Eeeeek! I’m grateful.  Thanks for sharing in my gratitude. Peace and Blessings,...

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Aug 13, 2012 by

Fact: Baby seagulls are gray. They are loud, fluffy and, at times, so big and near adult-size that the only thing differentiating them from adults is their color, gray. Sunday morning, at the beginning of a walk talk with my love, we came across two huge ones milling about on the rocks jutting out of the ocean. “Look,” I say, “those are baby seagulls!” “Are you sure?” Marc asks. “They don’t look ‘baby’ to me. I can’t imagine them any bigger.” “Yeah . . . I think so.” Suddenly, looking at their size and not their color, I second guess myself. Maybe I’m wrong about that. “I guess they are pretty big, though.” We continued down the waterfront trail, doing what we always do during our times together, walking and soaking in the sun....

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