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It must be real.  Thank you Booktrope Publishing for believing in me. Peace and Blessings,...

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Charis: First Three Chapters

Jun 2, 2012 by

SUNDAY NIGHT Great deeds are usually wrought at great risks. —HERODOTUS CHAPTER 1 A BLACKER BLACK, A WARMER WARM HAD MR. WARD BEEN PAYING closer attention when he walked into Storage Room 19, he might have noticed that the warm was just a little bit warmer and the black was just a little bit blacker than usual. That he didn’t notice those small yet horribly significant details was unusual. The exactly matched blue of his tie, belt, and his shoes and socks betrayed his love for details, details, details; a talent that served him well as museum curator. It was his appreciation for the particulars that brought him to the storage room in the first place. He couldn’t understand how he had missed such an obvious mistake on the inventory sheet, and for such...

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