Under Review

Jan 16, 2013 by

I’m new to the Twitter game. As a new author, I’ve been told by everyone, how important it is to develop a Twitter following, follow others relevant to your profession, and live even more extensively online. (Seemingly impossible for an extroverted personality like me who already has such an inept and cowardly filter.) “Show your personality, Nicole. Just be you … in 140 characters.” Sigh. Since the past two weeks have found me on bed rest, nursing an angry back, I figured I’d use the time to tweet, read tweets, retweet, search other authors who tweet and follow them, and hang out with celebrities I’d never hang out with in real life. Suddenly I find my twitter feed full of other authors, book agents, publishing personalities, and —scariest of all— book reviewers. Admittedly, the...

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Yoga Love

Sep 4, 2012 by

After nearly a month of absence, I returned to yoga Saturday morning.  Friday night, with a long, holiday weekend ahead, I excitedly told my husband that I couldn’t wait to get back to the mat.  When Saturday morning rolled around, I lazed on the couch, had a third cup of coffee, facebooked and did everything else to indicate I had no plans, at all, of walking the four blocks to the studio to practice the yoga I’ve missed.  Finally, with the clock winding down, my love reminded me of how much I loved yoga, and of my plans to practice it that morning.  He was right.  I quickly dressed and headed out the door to welcome whatever the experience might bring.  I’m so glad I did. The studio was crowded.  Mats were pulled and pushed...

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