Worth the Risk

Mar 5, 2013 by

I went snorkeling yesterday. Even though I was afraid, I went any way. I’m glad I did. The world just beneath the surface is a fascinating, beautiful one, full of color, life, and mystery. Snorkeling frightens me just a bit. So does horseback riding. It’s a strange relationship that I have with these two activities that I love to do, but am scared as I do them. They make me feel so out of control, so surrendered to the wildness of life, nature, animals. ¬†Perhaps that’s the appeal. Yesterday, I saw clown fish, an eel, angelfish, some black and white polka dotty thing, a kole (I think), a bright yellow fish, a couple of fish who swam together and who, I swear, glowed orange just a little, and a deep, vast, murky sea, the...

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